Action concept and consensus

Action concept

On the 1st and 2nd of June we will bring attention to the institutions and actors responsible for (the global climate crisis through colourful, loud and sometimes even uncomfortable actions. The increasing destruction of Nature, the  narrow focus on GDP growth and the growing marginalisation of minorities leaves us no choice but to fight for a good life for all. We simply can not accept the current political,  ecological and social developements neither here nor globally. That is why we will use civil disobedience to expose the  places where injustice is produced. In a playful way all of us no matter the level of experience or age will show that we want and need a societal change.

Together we’ll create an inspiring effigy of alternatives. Everyone is called upon to organise in affinity groups and join the climate games with their own actions. The goal of the climate games is to encourage, support and provide a framework for a diversity of actions! You can either  plan  your action in advance, organize during a speeddating round at the climate camp or  act spontanously. Be creative! The actions can take any form and every person and affinity group can decide how far they would like to go with their actions. The climate games support these actions through providing information and at the climate camp there will be further support in the form of workshops, action trainings and some suggested ideas. Game instructions will be provided to help with the affinity group organisation process. There will also be a Black Book Vienna that informs you about the spots in Vienna of climate destruction, which are possible targets for the climate games. Lastly, there will be a game map to visualize these spots.

The games will conclude with a ceremony where all actions will be presented and the uncovering of the Viennese spots of injustice shall be celebrated!

Since many  actors and institutions contributing to the climate crisis would prefer to stay in the dark and are often supported by state structures, some actions might be responded to with repression.In anticipation of this, there will be legal aid booklets and legal aid advice at the climate camp. After the Climate Games a solidary support system will help with cases of repression.

Action consensus

The Climate Games will serve as a framework and opportunity to mark spots of injustice, climate destruction and unfair societal structures in and around Vienna. This will happen through actions that are self-organised by affinity groups. This framework enables everyone to act against global inequity as one sees fit. The action consensus and the observance of such is a prerequisite to assure that all participants feel comfortable and represented within the Climate Games. Only in solidarity with all will we succeed in pinpointing the injustices of the system we’re living in and showing possible changes. The Climate Games framework and the action consesus are the following:

  • the safety of all involved is the priority and should always be considered
  • we will act in a calm and sober-minded matter
  • there will be no escalation coming from us and we won’t engage in provocations
  • we won’t endanger humans
  • we won’t use physical violence and we will take care that our measures are proportionate
  • our actions aren’t pointed at a company’s workers or employees
  • we won’t destroy any infrastructure
  • we will take care of each other and respect each teammember’s limits
  • the affinity group’s actions will be organised and executed individually
  • everyone is reponsible for their behaviour
  • we are solidary with each other and respect diverse forms of activism (even if they differ from our own approaches)
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