Climate Camp

When and where will the camp take place?

The climate camp will take place from the 30th of May to the 3rd of June in Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel. The direction is

Altes Dorf 3, 2120 Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel.

From Vienna you can get there with the trains S2 or  S7 that departs from Wien Mitte, Praterstern Hauptbahnhof and more. From Wolkersdorf trains station it takes approx. 20 min by foot to reach the camp. The train station Obersdorf is also situated closeby and can be reached with the same trains. With the website  AnachB you can plan your travel. There is also a site where you can organize car pooling with your friends:  Mitfahrbörse .


If you have a place left in your tent, which you can offer or if you are looking for a place to stay, just have a look here:


This year, various social movements and initiatives will be our guests at the climate camp. Until now, the Nyéléni-movement Austria, the interventionist left and the Bikekitchen will organize a Barrio. Learn more about the barrios and their program here.


The program of this year’s climate camp will include workshops on various topics, interesting presentations on theory towards social ecological transformation, audience discussions, and of course the important aspect of action planning and development. We will also have a elaborate cultural program in the evening. It includes theatre, a podiumdiscussion and concerts. There will be childcare on tursday, friday and saturday from 10am to 7pm, eating times excluded. There’s also gonna be a kids space with several materials. Learn more about the program.


At the camp, the solidarity hands-on-kitchen,, will treat us with regional, seasonal and delicious vegan food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. ( has already provided us with great food previously at the last Climate Camp). You can pay as you wish for the food, however there are price recommendation as orientation. We have also planned for music and other entertainment. Please also bring your own musical instruments, juggling-utensils, and other fun material s!


We will all sleep in tents at the camp. Please bring your own tents as we can only provide for community and workshop tents.

What would it cost?

A climate camp also creates some expenses. We organize and plan everything on a voluntary basis; however, to make the camp possible we ask the camp participants for a small donation for materials. The suggested donation will be communicated at the info point of the camp, it will be around 5-10€per person and day

Climate Camp and YOU!

Do you want to help organize the camp? Contribute in some areas? Can you hold a workshop/training/input?
Please just send a message to: