For groups that don’t want to take a person from the docu-team to their action but like to produce their own pictures and/or videos we developed a few guidelines. Please stick to these princles – it makes it much easier for us to work with your material (and saves a lot of time). You can bring your material to the Climate Games infotent until Sunday noon.


  • ¬†Full HD
  • good pictures: action is shown clearly. Ideally with logo of the place of action and banner/action/actionmaterial clearly visible.
  • Catch with one picture: what is the message of the action?


  • Tripod oder Gimble (stabilise pictures)
  • Full HD
  • sRGB (adobe RGB)
  • as much frames per s as possible
  • Think about what you would like to film beforehand. We suggest:
    • One take where the place is clearly visible.
    • One take in action or after the sucessful action.
    • One take where one person gives a statemen: “We are here today because …”