Game manual

1.) Build a team and choose a name
It would be best if you found a team in advance and give yourselves a cool name. The creation of small groups, so called affinity groups, of around three to eight members has been successful during previous games. The affinity groups usually split into Buddy teams of two or three people. The Buddies will take special care of each other.

Here you find a checklist for affinity groups !

If you would like to participate in the games but arrive without a team just visit us at our info tent during the climate camp to meet like minded people with whom you can start a team. There will also be an affinity group speed-dating during the camp. You cann also come by to encourage and support other teams.

2.) Prepare yourselves
Take a look at our action consensus and concept. Pick a spot where you would like to play – you can find inspiration in the black book Vienna. If possible try to check out, i.e. reconnaissance, your chosen spot in advance.

Joining the Climate Games is accompanied by certain risks. You might tear a hole into your clothes or make your shoes dirty. Think about these risks in advance. Also, consider what might happen if you accidently cross a street illegaly. If anything of that sort happens and you’re confronted by Team Blue (the police) it might be helpful to carry the legal aid number with you. The legal aid team will be playing the game behind the scenes. For more Details just visit the Info tent at the climate camp.

Plan your target and strategie before the Games start, decide how far your team is prepared to go and which risks you are willing to take. Talk about your personal limits and think about an exit scenario in case of deviation from your plan. It might also help to practice your performance in a different location beforehand.

In case of questions don’t hesitate to ask the Climate Games Team during the climate camp or send an e-mail to (here you can find our key).

For spontanous people:
In case you don’t find time to prepare for the Climate Games you can draw a card from our top hat. On this card you will find information about place, type and duration of the game as well as needed materials and possible challenges. If you happen to have a gazillion ideas but no capacity to realise them all you can also note all necessary information on a card and place it in our top hat.

3.) Play and enjoy!
The Climate Games are taking place on the 1st and 2nd of June 2018 in Vienna and its surroundings. But you can start your game at any time, even in advance. If you do please let us know. Unfortunately we can’t assure you that we’ll be able to help you with legal support if you start your games early.

Before going for an action, think about how long you’d like to be out, how far you want go, how you’re feeling and how you’d handle complications like a change in weather or team blue. Write down the legal aid number before an action starts and make sure to take it with you. Remember to pack all necessary equipment as well as snacks and water.

Make sure that your affinity group stays together during the games. There might be situations in which you decide to split up for a while. Always look after each other and make sure that no team member stays behind. Agree on a meeting point after your game.

4.) Make your Actions visible!
To let the world know about your action, there will be a Docu-team. The docu team will come with you and film your action. The aim is to produce a short video. The video will be published though our own channels (website, facebook, twitter, youtube).

It is very important that you take a person from the Docu-team with you! They know how to film and they have the right equipement so that we can quickly process the material in a good quality. It saves us a lot of time if you take a Doku-person with you.

To discuss all the details with you film-person (what should be filmed and how?) we recommend you to come to the Climate Games infotent and talk to the docu-team as soon as possible.
Think about a short statement (one sentence) like “we are here, because …”

It is improbable that the whole world will be attending your action. Therefore, it is important to document your performances through photos and videos. This will raise your actions visibility and thus its impact.

If you don’t want to take a docu-person with you and your team prefers to take pictures or film on their own, please have a look at the docu-guidelines (principles that makes it easier for us to work with your material). You can bring your material to the Climate Games infotent until Sunday noon.

In case you are planning an action for which you would like to have the media present, come and talk to us at the info tent during the climate camp.

5.) After the Games
Allow for some extra time to debrief your day after having played and to celebrate your experiences. This way you can exchange your feelings. Maybe it was more exciting than you expected. Maybe there were aggravating situations. Maybe you felt stressed or unable to cope at times. These feelings are normal and will haunt even the most experienced activists. Talking about your experiences enables you to process and learn for your next actions. At the climate camp you’ll also have an out-of-action area, where you can relax and actively remove yourself from the Games for a while. During the Afterparty and a common reflection on sunday you can exchange experience with other teams and strategies for the next Climate Games.

Here you find a checklist for affinity groups !

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