+++ 2nd Day @ Vienna +++

Reclaim the streets!

+++ 2nd Day @ Vienna +++

The thrid runway – the fastest way to the climate crisis. Activists protested against the expansion of the airport in Vienna.

+++ 1st Day @ Danube channel +++

Climbing activists hang a banner at the Danube channel.

+++ 1st Day @ Airport +++

+++ 1st Day @ OMV +++

Foreclosure: The OMV was sold on a public auction.

+++ 1st Day @ University of Economics and Business +++

Anyone believing exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is a madman, an economist [or a businessman] – K. Boulding 1973

During the Vienna Climate Games the WU, was marked as place where climate and environmental injustice. Teaching economic growth on a finite planet is irresponsible and inadequate, which we know since at least since the 1970s, see quote. We demand universities to acknowledge for the planetary boundaries and to foster critical and pluralist thinking in economics and business. Only if students are prepared to deal with climate change and we can establish a good life for all.

+++ 1st Action @Climate Games +++

Tomorrow the Climate Games start, today the frist action from AdNauseam took place.

+++ Blackbook Vienna – Places of Climate INjustice online now +++
You find the English version here.

+++ Climate Games action for families +++

On Saturday, the 2nd of June the Pinic4degrowth will take part at Votivpark. At 4 p.m. there will be a special foto action.
More information:

IMPORTANT: You don’t have to announce your actions in advance. For a lot of actions it might be even a really bad idea due to strategic reasons. But in case your think it would help your acction to be announced in advance, write us an email!